About Us

What is Pickled Cucumber?

Pickled Cucumber is a Southern alternative to fast food and casual dining restaurants. It serves fresh homemade dishes to locals and tourists who enjoy eating meals made from scratch but don’t have an opportunity to prepare them.

The menu features both old-fashioned country meals and contemporary ones prepared with the ultimate Southern spin. It focuses around meat and three and meat and two concepts.

PC offers both dine-in and take-out homemade Southern lunches and dinners for a reasonable price. Family trays and catering specials are also available.

Why PC?

No other restaurant serves high-quality Southern food in a matter of minutes.

Company Ownership

Pickled Cucumber is a privately run company owned by Edwin Batson and Nadya Batson. Edwin Batson has over 25 years of experience in cooking amazing meals, catering large-scale events and running restaurants.