Our menu is only a snapshot of our culinary abilities, and our catering options are not limited to the menu items. We cater anything from a family outing to a corporate event and a wedding, and we serve finger foods, party platters, heavy hors d’oeuvre, buffet and sit-down dinners.

See this post with the information about catering weddings and large events specifically.

We offer sandwiches and wraps in addition to the items below.


Each tray of sandwiches and wraps feeds 10 people.

Club wraps $60

Chicken salad wraps $60

Veggie wraps $60

Buffalo chicken wraps $60

Grilled Chicken Caesar wraps $60

Grilled chicken avocado ranch wraps $60

Fried chicken sandwiches $60

Buffalo chicken sandwiches $60

Hot and High sandwiches $60

Phillies $60



Please contact us for more details.
Reasonable pricing and quality guaranteed
PC’s Family-Size Take-out Choices
Meats by a Pan
(One pan feeds 8-10 people with 4-5- ounce portions)
Hamburger Steak $44.95
Country Fried Chicken $39.95
Fried Chicken (16 pieces) $28.95
Honey-Pecan Chicken $42.95

Chicken Parmesan $46.95
BBQ Chicken $34.95
Chicken Pot Pie $36.95
Chicken and Dumplings $36.95
Chicken Bog $36.95
Hawaiian Chicken $49.95
Santa Fe Chicken $49.95
Smothered Chicken $49.95
Herb-Roasted Chicken $34.95
Boneless Fried Pork Chop $36.95
Smoked Ham $34.95
Grilled Ham with Honey-Pecan Glaze $36.95
Open-Face Roast Beef Sandwich $49.95
Roasted Pork Loin with Brown Gravy $36.95
Bacon-Wrapped Pork Loin $39.95

Steak Tips with mushroom gravy $49.95
Beef Stew over Rice $49.95
Blackened Tilapia $49.95
Italian Tilapia $49.95
Fish Stew Over Rice $39.95
Shrimp Creole $39.95
Shrimp and Sausage Jambalaya $39.95
Smoked Sausage with Peppers and Onions $36.95
Meatloaf $49.95
Chicken Fajita Casserole $39.95
Baked Lasagna $45.95
Vegetable Lasagna $45.95
Cajun Chicken Pasta $40.95

(One pan feeds 16-20 people; 4-5 ounce portions)
Mashed Potato $31.95
Rice and Gravy $24.94
Mac and Cheese $39.95
Fried Okra $29.95

Broccoli Salad $34.95
Potato Salad $25.95
Macaroni Salad $25.95
Carrot-Raisin Salad $27.95
Summer Salad $26.95
Cole Slaw $25.95
Pasta Salad $25.95

Potato Casserole $29.95
Squash Casserole $34.95
Broccoli Casserole $29.95
Green Bean Casserole $25.95

Collards $24.95
Stewed Cabbage $25.95
Lima Beans $24.95
Field Peas $24.95
Black-eyed Peas $24.95

Green Bean Almodine $34.95

Broccoli and Cheese Soup $29.95
Potato Soup $29.95
Shrimp Chowder $35.95

Banana Pudding $26.95
Pineapple Upside-Down Cake $25.95
Chocolate Poke Cake $25.95